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The passion for photography started at the age of 14; her first camera and course to independently develop photos in the “darkroom”. - this camera is still in her studio today as a lucky bringer. After high school Myrthe decided to go to the theater school in Rotterdam to follow the theater education to become an actress. The scenes and set designs have provided inspiration that led to fascinating and adventurous works. This resulted in thrilling pieces and so Myrthe started studying photography at the photography school in Amsterdam at the age of 21. After her photography studies, Myrthe left for Los Angeles, where she assisted various fashion photographers and was able to further develop her own skills. She portrayed, among others, Camilla Cleese, the daughter of the world famous John Cleese. Throughout the entire period, Myrthe was also successful as a model and worked for the camera as a photo model. However, she eventually decided to follow her heart and work alone behind the camera.

Myrthe returned to her native country, the Netherlands, after three eventful and experience-rich years. Myrthe has now been working as a free photographer for more than fifteen years. Based on her experience as an international model, she knows exactly how to build a bond between the photographer and the model and how to establish a connection.



The artworks of Myrthe Mylius are limited available. This way you can be sure that you will receive a special and exclusive piece. By appointment it is also possible to compose a new piece or work of your own or to create it together.

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